Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taste-testing and sake-making

Yummy, drippy alcohol-laced ice cream.
 At the Kikusui Zadankai a few weeks ago, I received a bottle of Kikusui's alcohol-laced ice cream topping, "I <3 Ice" as a 'consolation prize' of sorts. I've been wanting to try this stuff since I saw it on the Kikusui blog a couple of months ago (I mean, I DO love finding news ways to add booze to every thing I consume! Of course I kid...). Their are a few flavors being sold, including rum, coffee, and chocolate. I received the "カカオラム" flavored one, and despite the fact that I'm not a rum enthusiast, it was really very good over some vanilla ice cream. Especially with how hot it's been lately.... :P

In other food-related news, I JUST MADE some umeshu for the first time! I know that's not really all that novel, considering they have every item set up for easy purchase in Marunaka.... but I'm still pretty excited about how this will come out over the next year. The recipe I used is: 1 Kilo ume plums, 550 grams rock sugar, and 2 liters of white liqueur. Probably pretty standard... but I hope I forget about this stuff and find it half a year later and get excited again, haha~

The sake added itself!

Such huge chunks of sugar!! And I love that the alcohol is 35%~

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