About Me

A work in progress, but until then, here are 55 random things about myself.

1. I was born in Chicago, Illinois.
2. I'm a city girl through and through (even though I seem to keep finding myself in the countryside).
3. I took Japanese for 4 years in college, but I majored in Art.
4. I am first and foremost an artist; photographer to be exact.
5. I play in a melodic punk band called "LeeWay" here in the Kochi/Tokushima area. I do vocals and play guitar.
6. I bought my first record in Japan at a punk show. It was my friend's band (The Lions).
7. I want to live in Tokyo.
8. I want to live in New York City.
9. I am 180cm tall.
10. I dream frequently and remember nearly all of them.
11. My favorite Japanese band is Thirsty Chords and my favorite American band is Mixtapes.
12. I love to cook and bake, but only for other people. When I'm alone I make the most boring meals.
13. I wear glasses but usually have my contacts in. Sometimes people think my glasses are "fashion glasses," which makes me a little ill to think that wearing glasses with no prescription has become a fashion statement...
14. I hate twitter and google+.
15. Although I like to blog and read other's blogs, the internet gives me anxiety.
16. I love to travel, but find the best part of the journey is the relief of coming back "home."
17. I have been to Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Thailand, Korea, and Japan (as well as the airport in Shanghai, China!).
18. I call Japan my home just as much as I do Chicago.
19. I have driven 14 hours straight twice. Road trips/long car rides no longer faze me.
20. I've never broken a bone.
21. But I've gotten stitches and had surgery (both while in Japan).
22. I love clothing. I have wayy too much clothing in my life.
23. I love trying new food and re-trying things I hate. The only reason I don't like some things is because I know haven't eaten it when it was made in the best way possible.
24. I like teaching things I'm passionate about.
25. I would die without music.
26. I run every morning, even in the dead of winter.
27. I'm naturally a blond but I dye my hair brown because I think it suits my personality better.
28. I feel guilty using pre-made greeting cards because I know I can make them myself.
29. I hate anime but I love reading manga and watching doramas.
30. My guilty pleasures are watching "The Vampire Diaries" and "Gossip Girl."
31. I love making lists. I make lists for everything I do for fear of forgetting.
32. I like film better than digital photographs and real books better than digital copies. Tangible things comfort me.
33. Watching people work with their hands also comforts me. On the same thread, I like to carve stamps and be crafty sometimes.
34. I constantly play-out alternate daily-life scenarios in my head.
35. My nose and ears are pierced.
36. I want a tattoo.
37. I love to laugh.
38. I get hangovers way too easily.
39. I used to play basketball in middle and high school but my favorite sport is badminton.
40. I get more joy out of finding the perfect present for a certain friend/family member than receiving gifts.
41. I love caramel more than chocolate.
42. I love school and studying. Knowledge is a beautiful beautiful thing.
43. I like fall/autumn best of all. Jeans and sweatshirt weather can not be beaten, nor can Halloween.
44. I like to watch horror movies. I love the thrill of being scared.
45. I think about my zombie-apocalypse escape/survival plan more often than most people should.
46. I'm afraid of cicadas and huntsmen spiders.
47. I get a sick pleasure out of (poison)spraying cockroaches to death.
48. I'm afraid of the depth of the ocean and the vastness of space.
49. I've watched season 2-3 of "The Office" at least 30 times through (no joke).
50. I'm not much of a fan of video games, but I love Dynasty Warriors and Kingdom hearts. Hack and slash is the only way to go.
51. I can't live somewhere without decorating the walls with posters and pictures. Bare walls are nerve wracking.
52. Although I haven't finished learning Japanese, I still want to learn French and Korean.
53. My favorite sound is the sound of breaking a peppermint patty in half.
54. I over-think things.
55. My life goal is to be happy with the person I am.


  1. Hey Ingrid!
    Just found your blog, been listening to Leeway for a few weeks. I'm doing this print zine on Japanese underground stuff and wanted to see if you'd be interested in helping out (photos, articles, whatever). Let me know! My blog is here -> http://sanitizedjapan.blogspot.com
    Thanks! Ryan

    1. I'm also fucking forgetful. email = icfycrec@gmail.com