Define: Hachikin




Basically, a tough girl with "8 balls" instead of 2 like the average man, so a Hachikin is a woman with the strength/endurance of 4 men. It is a Kochi-Ken only word (one of the region's dialects is called "Tosa-ben") and is used to describe strong, independent, women. I'm not really sure I qualify for this honorable title, but I've been called it by drunk old business men before... so I might as well live with it. Better than being known as a "zaru" (a drunkard, basically), which my friend Mall dubbed me (and still calls me) some fateful night back in December after I pulled a small bottle of vodka out of my purse at a live-show (you need to always be prepared, yo!) Enchanting, right?

my "tough guy" pose with shu-chan :D