Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just give the public what they want!!!

I got to go over to De-'s office today with Em in order to film the "extra" bit for the NHK broadcast next week. If I learn nothing from being in this country, it is that I will never be a good TV talent.... :< We had to be filmed coming into the offices and being showed into the special room where we were going to try the sparkling sake. De- then explained the sake and poured for us. Me and Em had to drink one at a time so NHK could get our separate reactions to the product... which is awkward. I mean, having that bright-ass light shoved in your face AGAIN?! I feel for poor De-, who was followed around all last week before the zadankai. Anyway. Em did a good job giving a detailed reaction to the product, and I felt like my contribution with comments and suggestions was fairly good... but honestly, I can't squeal out an "UMAI!" or "OISHIIII!" if that's what they truly wanted. I can't fake stupid reactions like that. :P I WANTED to, but when I actually ended up saying "oishii" on our second-take of first-reactions, it totally came out flat, hahaha. I really did like it! I just can't express myself when three weird men are watching my every move and all I can think about is whether I'm sitting in my chair appropriately.

And thus hopefully ends my stints on Japanese TV (of course, I thought the Sun Sun TV commercial was it so....). I don't mind having my monthly article in the kouhou, of course. If anything, I hope people read it and think, "Hey, that tall foreign girl is competent!" and not "I wonder who translated that for the English clown?!" Meh. At least I get writing practice out of the experience.

In other good news, today marks the day that I made my job 100% more tolerable (at least, that is my impression at the moment). I finally went up to Komatsu last week and told her point-blank, "I hate my job, so we need to fix this." I got to spend the entire 8:30-4:30 work day over at Seisui, helping with English class, putting pamphlets together, and I even got to sit in on two music classes (and learned a bunch of new words!). This is SO MUCH better than sitting around in the BOE with my thumb up my ass (or as Matto would say, "With my dick in my hand") and not contributing to ANYTHING except the traffic on various blogs and websites. I've lost most of my motivation to study while AT work, so nothing productive has really happened as of recently. But, YAY! I finally have a purpose at work!!!

Other than that, tomorrow I get to beer-garden it up with the departing ALT-tachi in the city and then I'm going to a show in Tokushima on Saturday night. Looking like a decent weekend, despite the rain. :)

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