Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NHK and sake shouldn't go hand in hand...

After drunkenly agreeing to participate in another (3rd time now) Kikusui Zadankai (and enthusiastically agreeing to succumb to buchou's wildest fantasy and dress up like Ron Weasley), I was reminded (while finally sober) by De- that the event was to be filmed by NHK (why, I'm not sure...)! Golly, how exciting *insert flat tone of voice*. So I get to be a spectacle on television AGAIN (I think the Sun Sun TV commercial is finally gone and/or no one cares anymore).

Of course, not only THAT, but De- just e-mailed me about taking part in something extra and pretending that I don't really like sake (though I've actually really come to like it because of these Zadankais) and meeting with her and NHK next week at an izakaya to try some sort of sparkling sake. Although slightly めんどくさい (irritating) in nature, I'm always down for being fed free booze and food.... I guess having it all go down on television is a different matter, but.... you know? I'm probably channeling that phenomenon from "How I Met Your Mother;" the "Underpants Radius" thing. The lower one's self-esteem gets, the bigger the underpants radius gets. In my case, the shittier I feel, the less I care about my integrity I suppose. Oh well. I look forward to free booze and Chisel's AMAZING cooking Friday night so... until then.

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