Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter in Japan

I have a love-hate relationship with winter in Japan. I love how Christmas lights and holiday music start being used even before Halloween is over. However, I hate people's sense of design when it comes to putting up said Christmas lights (usually looks like Santa had a little drink-reverse all over a house/gas station/mall). I love mikan, strawberries, and all other winter food like nabe and sukiyaki. However, I hate how my schools keep the windows open even in the dead of winter in order to "air out" the building.

What I hate most, is how effing cold my house gets during this season. I have a very strangely arranged apartment with high ceilings, no neighbors, an empty shop below me, and doors on loose hinges that make it sound like elephants are trying to break in when a strong wind blows. At the same time, I favorite thing about winter is the type of products that Japan provides in order to fix these problems. Last year I survived the winter by gritting my teeth and hiding under my kotatsu. This year, I can live in luxury with my new electric blanket and heated carpet!! Doesn't it look cozy?! All I need to do is set up a tent and portable stove and I can live on my heated carpet aaallll winter :)

Heated carpet, cup of hot tea, my kotatsu, and computer... what else could you need?!

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  1. That looks so comfy! I want a kotatsu.

    I totally agree about the mishmash of crazy lights in Japan. Blinding!