Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just felt like I needed to share...

Just how amazing this day was. I woke up to a text from Atsushi, telling me we were invited by a band named "The Mad Wife" to play a show in Tokushima in January. I've seen them play before, and the one female guitar/vocalist is really bamf so it was super exciting to get invited by them to play a show!! We get to perform along with a band from Tokyo called "Elmoc," which is an all-female melodic punk band, "Four Tomorrow" who are from Tokyo, and "WHAT-A-NIGHT's" one of my favorite bands at the moment from Tokushima.

Then, once I got to work today, I found out that the photo I had submitted into the Aki City art contest on Sunday won a prize! And not just any prize (I won two last year that were really just recognitions), I won the prize where you get 1万 along with it!! Can't wait to go see the exhibit. There are always so many interesting pieces of art submitted.

Starts off as a huge pile and cooks down. Those lame-os were hiding behind the pile of cabbage.
Once it had been stewing for about 20 minutes.
And in addition to all that good news, Yukiko, Nat-chan, Ryoku-chan and I got to drive into the city and have some Motsu Nabe (which honestly should be added to the food post below). Mostu is intestines, and although I knew this, like I mentioned before I will give most anything a try if I hear it is made well. This was fantastic. I'm kind of in awe at how delicious intestines stewed in a pot with cabbage, tofu, dumplings, and green onion was. Not to mention how amazing the zousui was after (when you put rice and egg into the nabe and let it all cook and soak up the left-over flavors). We also went to AEON to get a birthday present for Nat-chan's older sister, and I was able to prep some gifts for De-'s birthday next week, and gather some ideas for Christmas gifts~ Gotta get onto making a design for my new years cards this year!

Although it's only early November and there are already Christmas trees and illuminations going up everywhere, I actually really love the early Christmas feeling and could care less that Thanksgiving hasn't come and gone yet. Who wants decorations of leaves and turkeys when you can have sparkly trees and lights?!

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