Friday, November 11, 2011


I've never been superstitious, but ever since I started doing the "make a wish at 11:11!" ritual back in college, I feel like today should be the luckiest day in the world. Of course, if this really was the luckiest day in the world, it wouldn't be drizzling and weirdly warm/cold (I don't think the weather can make up it's mind down here in Kochi) but brilliantly sunny and perfect jeans and sweatshirt weather.

I've been aching to get into the studio recently. Three weeks without practicing with everyone makes me itchy and all I want to do is make some noise and teach the two new songs I wrote. Luckily, me and Matto are driving out to Okayama tomorrow (with my brand new ETC card reader!) to see a live at a place called "Pepper Land." Our drummer Atsushi's other band "Thirsty Chords" is playing and it's been a long time since I've gotten to see them perform (last time was actually when he asked me to start the band with him). Elmoc, a band that we'll be performing alongside in January will also be there, so hopefully it'll be a good night to make some new music-friends. :)

A picture of tsukimi lanterns feels appropriate for this magical day, haha
~Make a wish~

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