Monday, August 29, 2011

Please Don't Stop the Music~

Busy weekend! Friday night was a "group birthday party" on the west side. Including me, there were 6 other birthday people (August and early September birthdays) celebrating. We all piled into someones house, BBQ'd and chatted. Saturday, we caravan-ed out to Shimanto for fireworks (some honestly AMAZING fireworks), drinking and a clubbing event that was packed full of people! Good 3AM night and an amazing breakfast the next day. :) Some how a house of 13 people didn't feel that full the next morning as we all lazed around sipping juice and eating an amazing egg scramble on english muffins. Most other people stayed in Shimanto for a beer float but the four of us who came together decided to hit an onsen and then get back early. I also stopped at Hard Off on the way and got myself a birthday present~ (new film camera, only 6000 yen!!). Tiring but fun weekend to end August with. Here we come, school year!

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