Monday, August 22, 2011

Live it up~

Phew... This weekend felt a lot longer than two days!

Friday, a few of us went over to E's for drinks and food. We all made and brought over some food and De- brought over some new sake that her company just started selling last week (I think it's one of my new favorites). E's friend from Okinawa was visiting Kochi so it was fun to chat with him (his English is amazing). On Saturday, Matto picked me up and we drove over to Nangoku to take the N2 practice test that our teacher had set up for us. 4 hours of sitting in a cold gymnasium and taking that horrid test... not my ideal for a Saturday afternoon.

That night, I went to a konpa that I helped set-up. The funniest part was that, one of the girls I had originally invited out got sick all of a sudden and had to cancel on me, leaving the numbers lopsided with 3 girls and 4 guys. I told my contact Saturday morning about this, but SOMEHOW ended up getting to ask this new girl in our Japanese class if she wanted to come along! She said yes, even though I'd literally met her 4 days prior, and told her where to meet us in the city. Unfortunately, one of the guys ended up being hung-over and dropped out last minute, BUT we all got to know Sao because of the date so that was a much bigger win than going out with the guys. I say this, because of the three guys left, one was married, and the other two just.... awkwardly didn't say much until after dinner, when we went to a bar called "Boston Cafe" and then to "One Love" to dance. Because married-guy was the only one talking, De- and Sao took over the conversation and it seemed more like a girls outing with some guys observing us, haha. Dancing was a lot more fun, though, because married-guy apparently took ballroom dancing lessons and was spinning us around the floor all night. Anyway, despite the awkward start, the night was a lot of fun and I'm really glad to have a new friend that lives decently close.

And now, a bunch of pictures from Yosakoi.

At the Aki Yosakoi festival: Energizer Bunny, me, Hiro, De- and Nat-chan.

One of the teams that had really fun costumes.


Love this girls expression

Juri dancing <3

One of the dancing areas had a street that people paraded down

It was such a beautiful day to go see the dancing! So glad I took the day off for it. :)

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