Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Love

Empty dance floor can only equal failure...
Very fun night, although the whole trying to go clubbing thing didn't work out so much... we just got unlucky with DJs (reggae?! ugh) and I wasn't drinking tonight so..... wanting to dance just wasn't happening.

However! I got to talk to Yukiko sooooo much today! I've never been able to talk to a Japanese person about so many different things for such a long time but we seem to really really get along well. I think it helps that, unlike Nat-chan, she's single and thinks it's tough to find friends in Aki like I do. She's also more outgoing seeming than Nat-chan, so I foresee plenty of fun times in my future with her. She has actually given me a lot of hope for the next year in terms of social-ness. I think as long as I stick with trying to hang out with her, and trying to make friends with her and the other shiyakusho girls, I'll be a lot happier. :)

Hisashiburi Purikura. I've been avoiding this glitzy-ness lately.

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