Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ka Are Back....

I’m already so sick of mosquitoes here and I’ve only gotten three bites. What the hell is wrong with Japanese mosquitoes?! I get these tiny bites and they itch so badly that EVERY SINGLE TIME I break the skin open and inevitably cause a scar (my skin scars very easily) as well as continued itching for at LEAST two weeks.

Tonight is the zadankai with NHK filming our every move. It better be for an informational segment, because if they bullshit around and have some sort of comedian come in an ooh and ahh at us, me and (I’m sure) Matto will through some sort of shit fit at them. I can only imagine Matto’s beautifully worded come-backs to some of the dumb-ass questions people love to ask:

J: “Oh! You use chopsticks so well!”
M: “Can you use a fork?”
J: “Well, of course.”
M: “Really?”
J: “...Yes.”
J: “Ye- oooooh.”

Yeah, they can go fuck themselves. Though that reminds me of how Matto was telling me about how one of his JTE’s asked him if we had mops over in the US. The word for mop here is モップ, what do you fucking think?! I told him to say, no, we use our tongues to clean floors and then wipe it off with our faces. Stupid questions deserve only the most finely crafted stupid answers.

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