Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gas man

I stopped to get gas today on my way to spend lots of money I shouldn't be spending.... and got to see cute gas station guy! He's so dorky looking but really adorable the way he runs over as soon as he sees my car. Of course the navy blue sweater vest and pink button down doesn't help the dorky-ness level.... but still adorable. haha~

I’ve spent wayyy too much money on clothing this month. At the beginning of the month, I bought near 2万 worth of clothes... then today I spent 9000 on 2 cardigans, a button down, a cute t-shirt and 2 pairs of shorts. I justify it with the fact that ALL things are super functional and now I actually have SHORTS. I was astonished that this place had shorts in MY SIZE (it was also the cheapest store ever)! You need to be a toothpick to fit into most shorts here (and it’s not like I’m fat or anything). People with hips just don’t belong. :P I really want to find another cute skirt like I did early last summer... since my waist is actually rather small, I can fit into any Japanese skirt; it just has to be long enough to cover my ass. :< BOO.

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