Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dirty Punk Weekend (part 2)

Crowbar Live House
The Mad Wife,  female vocals/guitarist
As I expected, most people saw me and asked, "マットはどこ?" in which I had to answer, "やっぱりお金ないんだよ." It was slightly disappointing at first to think that no one was really terribly thrilled to see ME, and clearly only saw me as some sort of Matto accessory.... but that's exactly why I came alone this time! Although me and Matto always go to shows together, I wanted to show that I was ABLE to go to one alone, and I didn't need him or anything (it's also nice to prove to people that we are NOT FUCKING DATING. just cuz two foreigners of opposite genders exist together, doesn't mean they are dating!!!!).  Anyway, the show started off with a 高校生 band that were actually pretty decent (and had a very Blink 182 feel, some how) and was followed by The Mad Wife, Parkmates, SLYDINGMAN, Pall Mall, and of course Thirsty Chords.

Pall of Pall Mall
 SLYDINGMAN and Pall Mall were having their new split CD release show that night and the next night, so I picked up one of the albums. Both Pall Mall and Thirsty Chords played amazingly~ While watching SLYDINGMAN and Parkmates, I realized I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching them play and was able to really get into the music~ Both bands have such good stage presence and silly banter, you can't help but love it. Such a great show with so much good melodic-punk~ Once the show was over, I was invited out to the 打上げ with the bands (after Masa finally bestowed a nickname on me that he said he'd figure out about a month ago) and I got to talk with the drummer from SLYDINGMAN most of the night.

I got to stay at Spalding's house with everyone (singer of WHAT-A-NIGHT'S). Sleeping conditions were not ideal (I slept on a tatami floor with a zabuton as a pillow and an odd sleeping bag) but I got about 7 hours of sleep, so it was do-able. We all left the next morning at about 10 in order to drive to Takamatsu where the second show was going to take place. Since Pall Mall-tachi had all gone to Tokushima in Dorami's car, Mall said he would drive my car for me and accompany me on the way there.

Ricky, the live house in Takamastu. View from behind the distro I got to help out with~
Udon line
 Once in Takamatsu, apparently eating Takamatsu-famous udon was first on the list of things to do. We stopped at a temple where the LONGEST line of people stood outside this pretty wooden building with a thatched roof. I ordered 生じょうゆ udon... which is udon (hot or cold) served without broth. They give you a thing of soy sauce and some fresh katsuo-flakes, minced daikon and green onion to mix in~<3

Not a lot of people showed up for the show, unfortunately... and most showed up to see this too-emo high school band called "look at moment" and then left right after they were finished. All the bands performed really well, despite the poor turnout, and I helped Pall Mall sell some CDs from their distro and found out that Daisuke had a SUPER RARE copy of The Lions' demo tape in his distro (200 yen!!!) which I quickly snatched up along with "Pear Of The West."


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