Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to my world, Shinji

Weird effect added by the iphone.... it's just a black guitar with a red polka dotted strap.
Shinji the Squier Jagmaster came into my world Friday evening at approximately 7:30 PM....  I could not be prouder. :) But seriously, I was counting down the minutes until pay day when I could get my hands on a brand new ~guitar~ Up until now, I've been borrowing a friend's crappy electric that's way heavier then it should be and has thicker strings than I ideally want to play.... so the moment I was able to whip this guy out and start playing, it felt like pressing on air (especially to my poor calloused fingers). I got to play him for the first time in the studio on Sunday afternoon! Three hours of band practice later and I think I got the hang of how to play him. Plus! We have a really cool new song that Atsushi taught us (which brings the number to 4 completed songs) and I can't wait to get some lyrics written as well! This will be the first song I get to sing in Japanese. Quite excited. :)

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