Friday, October 7, 2011


I feel like a time slip has happened since I got back to Japan TWO WEEKS AGO. These two weeks have passed by really quickly... but in a good way!

Seeing my friends and family was amazing and sad all at the same time. I had to schedule myself very carefully, and I ended up not being able to see everyone as much as I wanted to... I also had to go through box upon box of junk I'd left my parents before I moved here. Clothes, weird toys and tons of school supplies that, after a year, I finally figured out I didn't need/really wanted. I ended up bringing back tons of shoes and clothes for the next year here in Kochi, and donating a TON of stuff to good will. I felt a lot better going through all those boxes and being able to get rid of stuff. It felt like a weight had been lifted from my chest because I was lightening a burden I had shoved on my parents (taking care of all that junk).

My one regret is not getting my hands on the baby grand piano that sits in my parent's living room. I've been aching to play the piano for the past year and I just.... didn't have time, between seeing people, cleaning things, and trying to spend as much time with my parents as possible (if it was up to them, I wouldn't have seen ANY of my friends.. :| but that's parents for you...).

Other than the usual work work work, me and Matto got to go to Tokushima last weekend to have our VERY FIRST PRACTICE with our new band! (not yet named) Atsushi, the drummer and singer from my FAVORITE band in Japan is drumming (I was soooo nervous playing/singing along side my not-so-famous idol crush) and Arase from HAMK is lead guitar. I'm doing vocals and guitar and Matto is doing Bass. In the three hours we practiced, we got through two songs. After, they invited us to dinner and it was really really fun~ :) These guys are soooo much more reliable, nice, and opinionated than our former bandmates. I'm sooo stoked for our next practices!!

Three day weekend ahoy! Not a busy weekend, but I do get to go to Matsuyama for some shopping and girl time~

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