Friday, July 15, 2011


I had a weird realization during second period with my junior high first graders today. My JTE was handing out their summer homework, and I started to get..... jealous? Is that even the word for it? I just had this sudden desire to ALSO be given homework.


I think that was my realization. I miss studying for a test. I miss studying things I REALLY REALLY loved to learn about. I mean, I'm studying Japanese right now, and I LOVE it... but studying for a test or homework gives one more of a sense of accomplishment than just sitting and repeating vocab words to yourself. Sure, I get really excited when I can omoidasu some new vocab or grammar point in a conversation with friends, but it's not the same as seeing physical EVIDENCE of your progress through tests, homework, and grades.

I just got the new issue of J-Life, the free magazine for foreigners that is published and this month they have a HUGE list of colleges/universities that have foreigners attending them. My excitement for going to the Center was reignited with the prospect of perhaps attending Grad school in Tokyo after going to the Center. I wanna go back to school!! I hate the loans, the broke-ness, the long hours of no sleep.... but I love feeling "full"after studying something I like, and feeling accomplished because I just widened my view of the world by a few more inches. GUH! I can't wait to go back to school! :)

Tonight is movies and beer with Matto! I told mr. DJ man I met last week that I had a "nomikai" to go to and can't go to his DJ event because I just don't wanna spend the money (or time) going to a club when I'm gonna be heading off for a day trip to Matsuyama at 9 Saturday morning. :P oh well!

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