Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've got sunshiiiiine~ On a clouudy dayyyy~

I'm basking in this reprieve from ZA--ZA--RAIN and hoping this two day streak will last at least one more? Although I spent last night alone in the apartment making weird-tasting vegan boston-cream cupcakes (the custard filling was just too soy-y but the chocolate ganache was brilliant) I was still in a pretty decent mood (the caster of Asti probably helped). Sunshine always makes me happy. That, and I've gotten to go running these past two mornings without too much fear for getting drenched by a sudden change in the weather's mood.

I've spent wayyy too much money already this month, and it doesn't seem to be letting up.... I'm going to have a 150$ spa treatment on Saturday morning, and then I want to go to Matsuyama for a Forget Me Not, Turn Coat and Circle Flex show. There's also a The Lion's/Balladmen show next weekend in Kyoto which I kinda wanted to drive to.... and then on the 18th, there's the Pall Mall, Thirsty Chords, Parkmates, and Slydingman show! So many good shows to go to this month but most are out of the fucking prefecture ('cept for the Kawakami Forever show, which I'm going to on Sunday night of this weekend). Gah. しょうがないね.

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