Thursday, April 21, 2011

We had our two practices for the week, and I'm feeling pretty decent about the songs. I'm just gonna have to make sure to warm up in the car or something on the way there... also get some booze and caffeine in me before we play. I'm nervous... but I feel like once I hear the starting notes to "Sung from the liver" I'll relax and just smile. I was thinking about it earlier today; it's a perfect way to start our set because it starts low and ominous and I can kinda get into the swing of things slowly by just "whoo"ing. Plus, there are so few lyrics that I don't have a lot to remember if the nerves get to me too much at first. I'm most worried about "Fuck it, I'm out" of course, because of that end part.... but this weeks practices have really helped to lessen the stress of that high note (I finally came to realize that the key is really just different and I need to hear it first before I sing. If I do that, I get it close to right).

Other than that, we start practicing for making a demo next Tuesday, which is exciting. :) I don't know how that's going to go down, but we have to go to Top Band again and Coppy is going to be bringing his recording device for us to use. I'm stoked to make a demo!! I wish we could just record all of our songs because picking only 3 or 4 is too hard and doesn't do us justice I think. I wonder which one's we'll settle on... whatever we do, I want Coppy to make the cover art for it!! His style is sooo cool and can be light and fluffy or really dark, like the poster he made recently.

ALSO we found out that two-ish weeks ago Pall went ゆくえふめい and ran away to Hokkaido without telling anyone. Not his friends and not his job. Big Boss, as Matto calls him, went after him to get him back I guess. But MAN. Talk about running away from your problems. I actually really respect him for his choice. He doesn't have a lot of money, and now he doesn't have a job (I assume) but at least he knew when enough was fucking enough and just peaced out for a little while. It's nice to see that unlike the majority of Japan, he isn't completely under the "最後まで頑張ろう" (fight until the end) kind of mindset or thought that although he got NO DAYS OFF and could have NO SOCIAL TIME it was 仕方がない. Hearing him and Mall talk on the phone, Pall really is fucking punk. How cool. :) I hope he comes back feeling rested and can find a better, less stressful job. Maybe we'll get to hang out with him if he does. Maybe Mall will take his friend's example and quit the fucking job he hates and break up with the girlfriend that is lame. I can only hope.... If Mall ever peaced out to some other place, I would force Matto to take nenkyu with me and we'd go find him. That'd be fun, haha~

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