Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The downfall of Humidity...

I think I figured out why I'm feeling so odd recently.

I put on a pair of pants yesterday, pants that just a WEEK ago were fine fitting, and found out that they were TIGHT. Like... tighter than just-washed-and-not-yet-stretched-out tight. That's when it dawned on me. I haven't gained weight (i've eaten less and ran more every day than I was before coming here)... I've just expanded because of the heat and humidity. That's what happens every time I go to Florida too. My shoes would feel tighter because I would swell a little form the heat. This must be it, because I didn't have this feeling in Tokyo at all, and Tokyo is about our Latitude (Chicago's), while I assume Shikoku is more like Florida's.... I'm hoping this settles down a little over the next few weeks... I hate feeling this awfully fat and bloated without DOING anything.

Yesterday was fun. We had our first "Japanese Class" at Steph's house, which I think will become our weekly study nihongo, eat some food, and play boredgames night. :) I love having things to do during the week~

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