Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A happy new year and second day of work! The first day back wasn't so bad, but I'm starting to feel the drag of not getting my adequate sleep already. Whatever. Two days and Matto's punk-face party. ;)

Monday Funday, the Tuesday edition was a great way to start off this year. Seriously though. I don't think I could love my friends more than I do. When I got back from Thailand on Friday evening, I'd looked around to see if anything seemed out of place, if they had left a mark of their coming over.. but the signs were subtle and I didn't put them together until last night when De- and Matto presented their AMAZING "slide show" of Polaroids to us. They had made a story out of Polaroids of their "monday funday" alone in my FUCKING COLD apartment. They'd even made curry (with a Matto-sized spoon) and used my rice cooker! Hahaha I love them <3

This last weekend was also amazing. Saturday night, I just couldn't stop smiling. The show was good, I got to go out for drinks with Mall and Hiro and Matto (calling Mall a Thai Bird apparently..... I shouldn't EVER voice the junk that flies around in my head) and even though it was freezing and a complete 180 from Thailand, I was happy~ I don't know how many people have reactions like that to coming back to the cold, depressing, Japan winter... but I'm fucking estatic to be back to routine, back to laughing with my favorite people, and back to life (of course, coming home to a nengajo from mountain sensei wasn't so bad either~)

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