Monday, September 6, 2010

Taiko and partying hard~

Friday was my first day of class!! Unfortunately... that class happened with only 2 children present. Still... it gave me a feel for exactly how these pre-made lesson plans go. The teacher at Higashigawa E.S is super cute too... so it's too bad there are only two kids, and I have no excuse to stay much longer than after the class is over. But it's really strange, going to such a huge school in the middle of these gorgeous mountains, to only have 6 people roaming the halls and bringing it to life.

Friday night was our first day of taiko! We got to do some warm-up exercises, but not play any of the main songs yet. They are having a concert this month... so we don't get to participate I guess. Dunno yet. After taiko, we all went out for some yaki tori and ended up getting our cars locked into this stupid gym parking lot. Since we were stuck, everyone got some more booze, and settled in at Australia's house to drink and sleep until we could get our cars in the morning.

My lovely melon.... that we thoroughly devoured. :3
The next day, we woke up surprisingly early and headed back to Aki before noon even hit! I was able to bake my ass off all day, making cookies, cupcakes, and cake until Orlan showed up around 4 to get his i-phone. I went to help (which took and hour and a half.... seriously the just bullshitted around for an hour while I answered simple questions and the over-weight Japanese man typed stuff on the computer), and then we came back to make dip and some shrimp dish. I made this most amazing dip with canned tomatoes, onions, and CREAM CHEESE all melted in a pot and eaten with Consume chips (yum). I also managed to make a half-way decent rice-cooker mac-&-cheese, which was quite popular and even eaten the morning after the party. The party was amazing, and I was really happy that so many people came! Nat-chan, her BF Ryoku-chan, her sister Haru-chan, and her friends Tomoyo and Shu-chan came too! Shu-chan was clearly drunk already when he came to the party and was the party's hilarious creeper for the night. I got porn from Ireland and he commented on it while me and Sea were flipping though it, saying "I am getting excited" in which I just yelled that he was a creeper. haha. I also got the amazing gift of a Melon from De- (made my garbage smell amazing for the rest of the week), earrings from Steph, cookies from Bee, and booze from everyone else (have a party JUST for the leftover booze, I say). Everyone had enough to drink and eat (how couldn't they, with all the crap that was brought to that party), and whoever needed to, got to stay over and eat pancakes with me on Sunday morning~ :) Once there were only a few people left, while getting out the blankets and futons, everyone discovered my closet space under my loft and there was a huge pile-up under my bed. It was kinda insane haha (although, there was the unfortunate situation of have the Tsunami test alarms go off at 9:00, 9:45 and Noon, which I swear Ireland wanted to kill me...) I love my new life so far. It's really very fun.

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