Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Live @ Crowbar

After-party, everyone hung around the live house and we sang to Arase's acoustic playing.
This past Saturday marked the first show my band, LeeWay, has gotten to perform! Everything about the night was spectacular, and I don't think I've been to a better show than that one (and I'd say that even if my band hadn't been playing). The line-up was amazing (three great Tokushima bands and two great Tokyo bands), everyone was in a good mood, and the place was the most packed I've ever seen it!

We went fourth in a line-up of six bands. At first, we were all kinda nervous about it because that meant we'd have to hold off on the drinks and just let the nerves build up over the course of three other bands.... but honestly once we got up on stage to start setting up and tuning, the nerves just kind of melted away and our set went amazingly. The bass player from FOUR TOMORROW even jumped off the stage and started crowd surfing!!

FOUR TOMORROW went second. Second time I've seen them and they were amazing <3
 After the show, instead of going out to an izakaya as usual, we all stayed at Crowbar and had a birthday party for the guitarist from THE MADWIFE (the band that set the show up in the first place). Everyone sang happy birthday and there was a very very cute cake presented~ Afterward, we all stood around the stage, singing songs to acoustic guitar (the best part of this genre, pop punk, is that even in Japan, everyone knows English songs like Weezer, Jawbreaker and Blink 182). Perfect perfect night.

Our set~
Tuning before hand
Those "speed red" glasses (originally our drummer's) really got around that night. Me with Spalding from What-A-Night's
Sea's b-day was also Saturday so we took her along to the show <3
THE MADWIFE went after us
Kana fell asleep on an amp after the show
But during the show, she showed off speed red too
ELMOC, being amazing as usual
Hikko was sooo drunk she fell over onto stage once, into the crowd once, and into an amp once <3
More speed red
After the show, presenting Ayaka with flowers and cake for her birthday.

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