Monday, December 12, 2011

Tokyo Photo Diary

I had such a fantastic week/weekend in Tokyo, that I really don't have much to write about it. I just want to share pictures. Being back in boring Kochi is also not really doing much for my mood... it's weird but taking the 11 hour bus back is better for the mental transition than a 1 hour plane ride. In the 11 hours, you dread coming back, but it's such a tiring ride that getting home feels like a relief. Riding on a plane takes no time, so the transition is stark. I went from big city lights, busyness, noise, movement back to dark, slow, empty fields and mountains... Meh, oh well! This December weather is gorgeous today, and I have dinner with my friends, so I really don't have a lot to complain about right now. :)

Advertisment in Shibuya.
Beautiful blue sky in Shibuya.
Antique toy store, one of the many weird shops in Broadway (Nakano) we went to with Shota
Shota on his giant computer phone.
Band called "Water Closet." An older band but really awesome!
My favorite Tokyo girls, ELMOC <3
With Kazue. She almost didn't make it to sing because she was hung over from her bonenkai the previous night.
More ELMOC <3<3
"Horse and Deer" recording a new CD. Matto got to do some guest vocals. It was fun hanging out with them.
Recording the vocals for another part of their song.

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