Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Korea and the Hike of Death, Day One Photo Diary

First day of four in Korea and we ended up hiking up a huge mountain. All because we wanted to see a wall! Haha~ somehow me and my travel buddy got roped into checking out the military zone of the Seonggwak fortress wall that sits on top of Bukhansan mountain. It didn't seem like a huge endeavor, but the whole thing ended up being a 2.5 hour hike up a really really steep mountain path. My legs wanted to give out by the end!! This was all after checking out the two palaces in the area: changdeokgung palace and gyeongbokgung palace. They were both gorgeous and it's interesting seeing the Chinese and Japanese architectural influence on the buildings.

Other than that, I finally got to try real Korean bibimbop! Tomorrow, BBQ awaits us~ I love kimchi and spicy food sooo much :)

Cool moving lights on the building near Seoul station
That is the first thing I've ever seen sold in a KFC that looks appetizing (besides the biscuits)
Bibimbop, my favorite Korea dish ever. Finally got to try some real stuff :D
Breakfast the first morning~
Cat cart.
The north gate along the fortress wall we nearly died climbing.
When Santas attack..
Kitty Cafe!
Gorgeous view of the city from the top of a mountain we climbed.

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