Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Tokyo...

Every time I come here, my desire to live in this city grows. I suppose it helps that the number of awesome people I know who live in this city keeps steadily growing. :) I really hope I get into IUC with some financial support... If that happens, living in Tokyo will finally become a reality~

Yesterday afternoon we hung out with my professor in Kichijyoji and went to a really good vegan cafe and gilato place. I love hanging out with that prof because he always inspires me to keep reaching for my Tokyo dreams. Then, last night we got to hang out with Kana and Hikko from ELMOC. Along with some fun izakaya-ing, we were invited to play a show in May of next year!! Kya! Tonight, dinner and drinks with the guys from Balladmen and Takashi. Tomorrow, day tripping with Shota and a kick-ass live in the evening in Nakano.

Although yesterday was rainy, this weather us not terrible for december, and the second half of today was gorgeous!!! Love it love it here <3

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