Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When things turn brighter

Thai-bird stamp

Mall being an asshol
I've had some weird little up and down moments recently, but at the moment, I'm feeling really good. :) Yesterday, Whiskey Suicide got to practice for three hours (two with Copy, that asshole) and Mall even gave me White Day Choco after I sent him one of my usual harassment e-mails. It was also a good, fun, practice and I LOVE OUR NEW SONG. It's soooo Lemuria. I love it. I also got to eat amazing pasta bake with Matto after, and I got to witness the creation of BLACK ACID CHERRY TREES, his "new metal hardcore band" that was inspired by the bumper sticker on a huge black car we were following. Must be in all caps.

Although I'm against teaching Easter in school.... they made cute eggs :)
My ultimate pizza
Today, I got white day choco from the principal at Seisui (I gave everyone chocolate when I went there) AND I got to make/eat pizza with my Shimoyama kids. :) The pizza was delicious, and I was able to chill outside and squish dough around with some ingredients. How can't that be fun?! Haha~ Tonight, gonna study with aunty De-. This has been getting me motivated to study, so I'm glad for that. Any motivation from anywhere is good to me at this point.

Old guys shoveling pizza around
Cool old oven for the pizza. The old guys there were really nice and only this stupid old woman made any fuss over the fact that I was an English speaker. Then I just refused to answer her in English and she gave up trying to use her own sad English so it was a happy moment. Also, I always appreciate getting complimented on my Japanese skills (even though they are non-existent). That, and the fact that the principal said my letter writing was prettier than his. :D

<3 my Shimoyama kids!!

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