Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting out of a slump

I had a ridiculously fun weekend with Mall, Matto, Nat-chan, and Ryoku-chan, accompanied by the coming of Whiskey Suicide's SECOND band practice tomorrow evening~ I guess this dip in attitude has also gone hand in hand with my slow retreat from most of the other English teachers in the ken and marks my attempt at entering a mostly Japanese-Friend phase of existence here.

The last few weeks have included a trip to Tokushima with Aunty De- for a sake festival, a surprise visit from Jack Bauer with a shrimp pizza (above pizza), loads of delicious Vegan food, the writing of a brilliant song ("Hate Face") as well as a number of (thus-far) well received Whiskey Suicide songs (the more real-side of my recent song writing), badminton with Nat-chan and her crew, the quitting of Muroto Taiko, the explosion of the Australian, and the worst hang over of my life (note, the NO LIVE SHOWS.... sad sad sad). Either way, I'm feeling uplifted, the clothing I ordered from MODCLOTH is here, I have Monday Funday tonight, and I'm in a rad little band :)

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