Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm getting sooo excited about my trip to Tokyo!!! When I first saw the show and line-up on FND, I jokingly thought, "Oh yeah, I'll take a trip to Tokyo JUST to see this show!" But honestly didn't think I was going to go. Three days to departure (I'm leaving Saturday night) and I'm getting SUPER pumped! I even convinced Matto to go to Tokyo so we can see the show together (he's going Thurs-Mon, I'm going Sat-Weds). I've never been to any live houses in Tokyo yet, so this'll be an interesting experience... but even so, we know like, HALF of the bands playing on Sunday afternoon so it can only be amazing. I'm also going to be delirious from arriving on the over-night bus Sunday morning.... but still! I can't wait to see a GREAT show, and then hang out with my friends arriving the same day in Tokyo for orientation!!!

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