Monday, July 4, 2011

Hitori Bochi No Yoru

I've been trying to go places by myself more often these weekends. I guess it's one of those, "I need to stop relying on friends to give me confidence to meet people and meet some new people myself" kinda things. This last weekend, I hung out with Ai and her friend that she invited over last minute. We made dinner and watched "10 Things I Hate About You" and some of Princess Mononoke. It was fun just chilling and chatting about TV, movies, and drinking games (me and Ai were drinking some Sparkling Mead and wished that the friend could drink but he had to drive back to Nangoku). Once they went home, I was still feeling awake so I went to visit Akira at the bar. He is one of my favorite bar tenders of all time so I went to take a drink and chat with him. Although I got roped into sitting with this girl who's an English teacher in Kitagawa for an hour... her group paid for my drinks and then I got to sit at the bar with Akira the rest of the time. We talked about music, because I always thought he looked like a 'likes Hard Core' kinda guy but actually really likes quiet music. I'm going to make him a mix CD with some Toe on it. :)

There was some sort of festival going on in the shopping arcade that I walked around for awhile to kill time before the show.
Hoshizora Jett, Ehime's cool live spot.

Saturday, I had to get up early to help Sea get her new iPhone. It took us three hours in the apple store to hear the spiel and get the phone activated.. just in time for her to go to Canada Day in Geisei, and for me to hit the road and drive to Matsuyama. While the show I went to see was really great and TOTALLY more my type of music than the one in Kochi this weekend, my car sounded like it was on the verge of breaking down, and at one point I WATCHED as the gas slowly depleted itself before my eyes. It was 1AM and Japan is not well-known for 24 hour gas stations. Luckily, I found one off the highway (with the help of the NICEST toll booth guy ever) and got enough gas to get home by 3AM. I was exhausted and decided NOT to go and help with Oosouji the next day at the taiko place (sorry genji-sensei~).

Turn Coat, Mall's other band in Ehime

On Sunday I had a lovely soup curry lunch and coffee with De- in Aki and then went into the city for the monthly "Kochi Artists" meeting I'm going to start going to. It's just a group of us foreigners that want to get some inspiration, meet some Japanese artists, and maybe do a few group shows. I'm excited for future meetings, and have been working on a blog for the group so we can keep track of gallery shows, museums, supply shops in the city, and inspire each other to do some artwork~ I also was FINALLY shown where the infamous Graffiti gallery/art shop was (I've tried to find it soooo many times with various people) and was even taken to a cute record shop (got a High Standard record). Overall, good, chill weekend with lots of feel-good moments and introspection. Sometimes being hitori bochi is necessary to re-assess the way you've been living your life and to re-organize what is really important to you.

View out the back of Graffiti, the infamous gallery/art shop I've tried to find at least 10 different times.

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