Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last night I was woken up by loud voices arguing. Since I'd been asleep around an hour by that point, I groggily thought, "Man, those voices are really loud. I'm amazed the way sound travels through from the next door apartment." But as I lay there, listening, I realized that... those voices were too loud to be from the apartment next door. They were too loud, too clear, and I could pick out words and phrases even with my window closed. I started to wonder if they were coming from the parking lot next door... they were the voices of a man and a woman, and they sounded like they were arguing while the girl cried. I decided to get out of bed and check from my kitchen window, since I knew I'd left it open for the night. I never really expected the voices to be coming from my fucking GARAGE.

The voices were low, so I couldn't pick out all the things they were saying, but it sounded like some sort of struggle at times. The girl would protest and cry and then there would be making-out sounds and then she would pull away and whine and say "いやだ怖い” or something of the nature. At one point the guy said something to the extent of "We're NOT going home yet...." something something. I dunno. After a lot of this same thing, they went "quiet" for awhile and all I could hear was the girl making noises. I just assumed they were fucking or doing some major fooling around, but SERIOUSLY. WHY IN MY GARAGE?! The sound carries sooo well up to my apartment. I was freaked out as to who they were, why my space and what if they took something from down stairs or tried to enter my house?! I think those were the main reasons I couldn't go back to sleep until they left.

After a lot of the same, struggle and squeaking, right as I was going back up to my bed to try and lay down, they decided to come upstairs. That's when I found out that it was someone who was checking up on my landlords house.... or something. She had a key to the apartment and went in for a little while while the guy waited outside to go home. Once the "fucking" portion was over, the girl's voice had changed and she sounded much happier, even asking "what's your wife's name/age" at some point.... I don't really know what I was witness to but it freaked me out. I was able to fall back asleep by about 1AM.... but seriously. WTF.

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