Friday, April 8, 2011

'Nother BOE enkai..

BOE enkais always provide me with SOME form of entertainment. I just really want to drink a beer right now, weirdly enough, and I kinda can't wait to eat a bunch of miso soup and rice <3 I've been craving that, and really am kinda sick of the same sweet-sour fried shrimp and that kinda junk that the Tamai Hotel normally provides for these kind of functions. Honestly, I look forward to the first enkai with the new ALT because it WON'T be in the Tamai hotel, and hopefully at an Izakaiya like my welcome/Pred's farewell party was. Let's hope (but of course that isn't for another 3 months so..... I'll have to wait).

I ate 5 dekopon yesterday and already 4 today.... I think I'm gonna turn into a dekopon. I was given 23 last night, and 20 last week... and probably have collected upwards of at least 20 others from the Taiko group/when I was given them at Ioki. Honestly, more than 60 dekopon being bestowed upon my person?! Fucking crazy, is what I think. :P

Today was my first class of the new school year. I had it at 東川 and only Yoshinobu-kun was there. Me and him and Arisawa-sensei now. It's weird, to have the class room be THAT vacant... no Mountain sensei and no Asaka. :< At least it was fun and relaxed. He seems happy to be basically tutored by himself in that empty school. I'm also happy that the new Kochou sensei seems really nice. His hair reminds me of Mr. Freeze so I was nervous he was gonna be cold or a hard-ass or something but he has a really warm smile and I'm always happy to see Kumi-san. :) One time a month for the next two months it seems. My schedule before summer break seems really sparse at all schools so I guess I'm still looking forward to a lot of study time in the BOE office.

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