Friday, April 1, 2011

April brings new beginnings.... wtf

Interesting thing about today: since it is April 1st, all the people are transferring and moving around schools and places in the office. In Japan, the 2011 fiscal year has officially started and I now have a hot, young, new supervisor (I'll miss Okabayashi but at least she's only moved a few desks over and I can still see her). The car ride I inevitably have to take with him next week will be interesting.... when I have to go get the driver's test interview. We'll be in the car together for a few hours going back and forth from Ino. Hurrah for lots of aimless small-talk and bullshit chatting!!
Update: KYA! Watching the new temp girl answer the phone and bumble around with her words was adorable and makes me feel not so bad about bumbling my words when I'm nervous.

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