Friday, February 18, 2011

Chocolate Covered Mikan Peels

Chocolate Covered Mikan
8 mikan peels (200 grams of mikan peel, or 4 oranges)
1 cup sugar
300 grams of chocolate
1. Somehow get 200 grams of peels (eat all at once, peel all at once, or consume mikan slowly).
2. Using a knife, and some patience (as well as safety), peel as much of the pith off the peel as possible.
3. Once scraped, gather the peels into a pot and cover them with water (enough to submerge the peels) and boil them.
4. You will need to boil these peels 4 times in just water. Once the water comes to a rolling boil each time, turn off the heat, dump the peels into a strainer, put them back into the pot, and fill with more water before repeating the boiling process.
5. After 4 boils with normal water, pour the cup of sugar into the pot with the peels and boil for a 5th and final time. This time, when the water comes to a rolling boil, give it about 2 minutes to boil the sugars into the peels before turning off the heat and straining the peels.
6. Lay out the peels on a (paper) towel and stick them in the fridge to cool. They need to be cool and mostly dry before the next step. Wait at least an hour.
7. Lay them out on wax paper so that each piece of peel has it’s own place.
8. In a sauce pan, start melting the 300 grams of chocolate over low heat, continuing to poke and stir the chocolate pieces until the whole mixture is smooth and there are no lumps of un-melted chocolate. Make sure that no water touches any bit of this process. Chocolate seizes when it mixes with water, so all you’ll end up with is a dry, burnt, clump of chocolate.
9. Spread melted chocolate over the mikan peels and put in the fridge to harden.

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