Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My oh My...

So, I got kind of excited about class today (for once!) because my fifth grade lesson at Ioki had been canceled due to influenza. All I had to do was sit with the 6th graders for 45 minutes, do one read/listen activity, and let them create stupid skits for the next lesson. Great, easy day! WRONG. About 5 minutes into getting into their groups and writing things down for the scripts, some kid on one side of the room says something, and then another walks up to him, yells, and starts punching and kicking him. He even grabbed his hair.

Yes, this is the first fist fight that has happened during my time here in Japan. I mean, Ioki has a troubled 6th grade class but... they've at least been able to keep it together enough to refrain from REAL all-out fist fights and have resorted to mostly rough play. Today was different. Luckily, there were two teachers in the room, so while my HRT held the kid back from attacking the one anymore, the other ran out to get the Kyoto and Koucho sensei. The kid was thrashing in my HRT's arms, tears flying and cursing the whole time. It got pretty dramatic quickly. One of the girls in the class just waved a hand at me and said "気にしないでよ〜" which wasn't really that reassuring but I did just that and tried to entertain the girl group by telling them what to write in their scripts.

After that disaster or a class, I found out that I was, in fact, supposed to be having lunch with the 1st graders, even though I was told not to bring lunch and eat with them. Instead, the VP took me out to get "Soup Curry" at a place in Ioki called Chez Nous. It was a REALLY cute place, and the soup curry was really yummy. She also decided to buy me some green tea cake to bring home. It was a very strange day. Needless to say, as soon as I start liking my job, the children give me a reason to question why the FUCK I'm feeling that way. Sa...

Me and Matto's trip to Kyoto this last weekend was a lot of fun. We took the night bus at 10:30 on Friday night, and got into Kyoto at 7AM Saturday morning (the bus stopped for two hours to take a rest in the middle of the night). The show started at 12:30PM and went until 7:30PM.... long ass show but the bands were really fun to see. We went mainly for The Lions and Malegoat, but I ended up liking a few other bands I'm gonna have to research. :) We got to stay at Tongu (the singer's) house in Kyoto with a bunch of other guys from Tokyo bands. The after party was fun (even though, I wasn't talked to all that much since I'm not really very knowledgeable about un-known pop punk bands) and we all crammed into an izakaya.

The next day, me and Matto went to a vegan restaurant called "Vege Note" and had an amazing all-vegan lunch. I was impressed with the soup and the curry-flavored korokke the shop made. They also made a wonderful lentil curry that went along with the lunch set. YUMMY!

Other highlights of the 24-hours-in-kyoto included seeing a snack bar named Hiro with the o as a little heart, and the snow falling Saturday night during the show. <3 Can't wait to go back for golden week~

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