Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Entry: Kochi, Kyoto, Tokushima in a weekend

I'm actually amazed how fast the drive from Kochi to Kyoto was, as well as the drive from Kyoto to Tokushima. It took 4 hours on the highway Saturday morning to get to Kyoto, and less than 24 hours later we packed ourselves up and drove the hour and a half to Tokushima for band practice Sunday afternoon. People make Japan sound big, but things are a lot closer together (without trains) than one would expect. I will definitely be going on more road trips now that I know this :)
Mall playing Bass for TURNCOAT in Kochi

Band called AIWANA in Kyoto
Sabu and Kiyomi playing in Kochi for TURNCOAT
Singer for AIWANA, Kyoto
Can't remember the band's name, but they had matching instruments, hahahaha~
Ogi playing for Balladmen in Kyoto~

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