Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Classy drinking button. Cuz whiskey suicide = classiness of course.
Been busy making things (out of boredom) for Whiskey Suicide, now that we have no drummer, we're gonna have some free time... I think I'll try and figure out the DIY screen print stuff too in the next two weeks or so... but for now, I'm working on our hand-made demo cases and silly things like buttons and our website. I also have the drivers test this Friday... so I should probably work on that too... Yeah. I wrote out the three courses in directions that are easy for me to remember, so hopefully after the practice on Thursday, I'll vaguely know the courses so that when I get assigned one I can more easily remember that one.

Delish cakes from Decembre. They had mousse on top or something.
 I hung out with Sea on Sunday, after an interesting Saturday night at Ireland's (after not seeing most of the people there for a few months). We went to a free baseball game and lunch and chatted about what's been going on the past month.

Yes. Strapped in.
I also got a new dehumidifier, which the guy at Off-House kindly buckled into the backseat of Sea's car. How thoughtful.

Yesterday also marked the return of Monday Funday! Seeing that De- has finally returned to her true home of Japan from the odd other-world that is America. She came bearing gifts of course. I got some yummy-looking sparkling mead and Matto got his long sought-after Camels and a FOUR LOCO. Not terribly looking forward to the day he breaks that thing out and blacks out in two seconds. Anyway... hanging out with Nat-chan again tonight. Same thing we did last Tuesday which means a movie and dinner at Ryoku-chan's house. Fun fun! It's also a BEAUTIFUL day out today, so no bike riding in the rain tonight. :)

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