Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been a ball of irritated energy today. I just couldn't stand the mere EXISTENCE of Komatsu sensei today, and those first/second grader's voices at A-D are just GRATING. Seriously, I wanted to rip my ear drums out.... That, and that many first and second graders is just impossible sometimes... I also can't deal with the fact that I spoke Japanese through the entire class to the 2nd graders, just to have them AGAIN say "日本語しゃべって!"I just don't understand what is going through their heads! Do they think they are hearing English?

Yesterday, I made another button and bought some gel medium (and inking pens). I wish I had my copics from 'merica but I'm gonna have to drop around 5000 yen on some new ones I think (if I want to make a pretty demo cover). Oh well. I'll use them so... not a waste.

Yesterday was a good day. I got to make hamburGU with Nat-chan and Ryoku-chan as well as watch "Ocean's 11" with the Japanese subtitles. Huzzah! Yummy meal and my favorite movie. :) That, and I taught them the words "Silver Fox" and "Cougar." Totally useful, でしょう? Nat-chan was teaching me about 四文字熟語 (four letter sentences, essentially) which are really interesting and I'd like to do some 調べる-ing for in order to understand some of them. They had a pretty excellent online dictionary she was using so... GOOGLE.

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