Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Weekend...

I'm going to say the weekend started Friday, when me, Bee, and the one lady in our office that speaks English really well (Kataoka) went out to buy essentials for my apartment. Among those essentials was definitely a bug bomb... After the buying of things like extra drawers, touch lights, cups and bowls, etc... we all went to this absolutely amazing looking cave. When you walked through the cave, you came out on the other side into what seemed like another world. It was amazing... the trees caught the light so perfectly, and there was no sign of buildings or other people (except for the few statues that sat around near the rock walls). After going to the cave, the three of us went back to my apartment to set off the bug bomb. You add water to a canister and it smokes the entire house up, killing EVERY bug in the house at the moment (and I bet it could kill a person...).

When I got back after work that day, I tried to go around and open windows, and get my fan out to clear the air... but that stuff makes you choke. It closed up my throat and I had to keep running outside to cough before I could ran back in and open anything else up. Because my house was inhabitable, I went over to the shiyakushou early to wait for Mai and Yuki. Friday night was the Yosakoi dancer's otsukare party after all. We all ended up going over to Pieno, and for 3000 yen, got to eat and drink as much as you wanted for about 4 hours. It was a ridiculously fun night in which I got to dance to "Age Age Every Night" AND "UFO", as well as sing all my favorite songs. I was really happy I wasn't the only one singing for once. :) I was also told I was cute by kurukuru head and given his number (so we could go drinking together, apparently).

The next morning, I had to wake up at 6 in order to get over to Kochi City's Culport building for the Manga Koshien. I brought along the other new Aki ALT Em, and we got to chat on the train as I nearly fell asleep. The Manga Koshien was surprisingly more important and more fun than I had expected (although I had missed an amazing sounding beach party with the other eastsiders in order to go to it..). It had high school manga clubs coming from all over Japan (friggin HOKKAIDO too!) to compete in this competition in which as a team, you draw one large page of a manga together. The theme was "friend of justice" and so MXX came up with the idea of Lady Justice and her having a seeing eye dog, since justice is blind. We also made a cute pun with the actual Japanese for the theme (made it in to Justice's way of seeing instead of friend). At the end, they made us get up on stage and be interviewed by the hosts of the show, say our favorite manga, and tell how we know eachother (I also got filmed at one point for a CM for a tv station in which I got to say "ki ni naru").

After the manga koshien, I decided to go to Susaki with Em and MXX to see some fireworks with the others (BAD IDEA). It was a horrid decision but made for a funny story later on. It didn't take long to get there, but the beach had soooo many bugs and fleas, a wall of rain attacked us in the middle of the fireworks show, the car was 45 min from where we sat for the fireworks, and it took us an hour to go a mile to the highway. It was infuriating... but after, when we got back to Aki, I got to hang out with the other east siders, go to Scotland's and drink until 5AM, and crash on the floor with everyone else. It was a nice reward after a shitty night. :)

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