Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You know it's that time of year when....

Now, I don't really watch all that much TV, to be honest. At most, I watch in the mornings from about 7-8:15 AM four days a week, and sometimes (when I have no class) I go home and watch from about noon to 1PM. That being said, I have noticed a pattern in commercials. When it comes to be "that time of year" the ukon no chikara CM's start to frequent the airwaves much more strongly. What do I mean by "that time of year"? Well, I mean any time of year that calls for copious amounts of drinking! I think I have thus far determined those times to be:

1. End of the year/beginning of the year party season (bonenkai/shinnenkai)
2. March (the end of the fiscal year, when people are transferring jobs, school is ending, etc)
3. Hanami season

Yes, not a very long list so far.... but compared to last week, the Ukon CM's basically tripled on my airwaves today so I'm thinking they are trying to remind the drunken-side of Japan to smarten-up and drink the magic no-hang-over drink (I've actually never tried this and thus don't know if it works....). ;)

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